Public Schools (K-12) in Twin Cedars in Marion County, Iowa.

  Public Schools (K-12) in Twin Cedars in Marion County, Iowa

Twin Cedars High School was completed in 1961. Prior to this, Bussey, Tracy, and Attica each had their own schools. The communities felt that the individual schools were just not as helpful and useful to their students as they should be. The country was growing so rapidly that a small school with a graduating class of 20 or less couldn't compete; therefore a larger school was started. Not everyone was happy about the decision, but the majority felt it was best. Susan Spaur donated the land and the building was constructed at a cost of around $400,000. This did not include the gym or business rooms, which were added in the summer of 1970. The elementary building was built in 1976, and a new addition to that building was constructed in 1998 at a cost of $900,000. This new addition includes two fabulous kindergarten rooms, one computer lab, a guidance office, an AEA office, a business office, and a community meeting room. The school was named for the two Cedar Creeks that surround us, and our school symbol became the Sabers represented by two crossed swords.

Our Mission: The Twin Cedars Board of Directors, staff and parents, with community support, shall provide a secure environment and the current resources necessary to academically and socially educate all individuals enabling them to lead productive, responsible and fulfilling lives.

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Superintendent of Schools and Administrative Office
Brian VanderSluis
2204 Hwy G71, Bussey, IA 50044
Phone: (641) 944-5241

High School
2204 Hwy G71
(641) 944-5243

Elementary School
2204 Hwy G71
(641) 944-5245


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