Public Schools (K-12) in Pella in Marion County, Iowa.

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  Public Schools (K-12) in Pella in Marion County, Iowa

The Pella Community Schools' mission is to maximize life's opportunities for every child. This will be accomplished by:

  Academic Achievement
All students will make growth regarding established standards and benchmarks and performance expectations. In addition, an increasing number of students will achieve identified proficiency levels.
  Professional Development
Professional development will use research proven strategies to collaboratively address identified student achievement needs.
  Curriculum and Assessment
There will be alignment between student achievement expectations, teaching, assessment, and grading.
  Community Involvement
Parents and community members will be active participants in educating our children.
Students will learn and demonstrate the elements of character necessary to become productive citizens.

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Superintendent of Schools and Administrative Office
Mark Wittmer
210 E. University Street, Pella, IA 50219
Phone: (641) 628-1111
Fax: (641) 628-1116

High School
212 E. University Street
Phone: (641) 628-3870
Fax: (641) 628-7402

Middle School
613 E. 13th Street
Phone: (641) 628-4784
Fax: (641) 628-6804

Jefferson Intermediate
801 E. 13th Street
Phone: (641) 628-8267
Fax: (641) 628-8241

Lincoln Elementary
1111 N. Main St.
Phone: (641) 628-3970
Fax: (641) 628-8712

Madison Elementary
950 E. University Street
Phone: (641) 628-4638
Fax: (641) 628-9183


Tulips in Marion County, Iowa

Tulips in Marion County, Iowa

Tulips in Marion County, Iowa

Tulips in Marion County, Iowa