Public Schools (K-12) in PCM in Marion County, Iowa.

  Public Schools (K-12) in PCM in Marion County, Iowa

The PCM School District is located approximately twenty miles east of the Des Moines area. PCM is a combination of the Prairie City, Monroe, and Reasnor communities. With a student population of slightly over 1,000 students K-12, PCM falls into the 2A class for most activities--overall, a nice blend of big-city convenience, with small town luxuries and values.

There is currently an elementary school in Monroe and Prairie City, the middle school is located in Prairie City, and the high school in Monroe. Prairie City and Monroe are approximately nine miles apart, with Reasnor located a few miles northeast of Monroe.

PCM (Prairie City Monroe - Reasnor) Community Schools - Main Website

Superintendent of Schools and Business Office
Jane Babcock
400 E. Hwy 163, PO Box 610, Monroe, IA 50170
Phone: (641) 259-2751
Fax: (641) 259-2753

High School
400 E. Hwy 163, Monroe, IA 50170
Phone: (641) 259-2315
Fax: (641) 259-2317

Middle School
407 E. Plainsmen Road, Prairie City, IA 50228
Phone: (515) 994-2686
Fax: (515) 994-3342

Prairie City Elementary School
309 E. Plainsmen Road, Prairie City, IA 50228
Phone: (515) 994-2377
Fax: (515) 994-3280

Monroe Elementary School
400 N. Jasper Street, Monroe, IA 50170
Phone: (641) 259-2314
Fax: (641) 259-2944


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